Ongoing Process Evaluation

Deacom conducts regular health checks with our customer base to understand how you can best utilize the software to help improve your business

Increased Efficiency

Through the evaluation of current processes, Deacom can uncover gaps, and in turn, better engineer those existing processes and introduce new ones where needed.


By applying efficient processes within your ERP, your business is able to quickly adapt to changes and facilitate growth.

Reliable Data

One of the main benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution is the ability to gather and analyze data across your business. It is critical that the optimal processes are in place to ensure the accuracy of your data in order to reap these benefits.

Our Deacom experts will work together with your teams to best understand what can be done to improve your DEACOM ERP utilization, and exactly what needs to happen to achieve your business goals.

Improved software application.

Increased satisfaction of end users.

Enhanced customer / vendor partnership.

What are the steps involved?

  • Our team will put together an agenda where your Customer Success Manager and a technical Deacom resource will spend one to two days on-site at your facility.

  • We will cover every functional area of DEACOM with your core team, subject matter experts, and end users.

  • Our team will understand your current use of the software, what works well, and what you find challenging.

  • Once our preliminary discussions have taken place, we will provide a summary of the usage improvements and how we advise achieving the identified improvements.

  • Finally, we will work with you to organize initiatives based on your priorities before putting together a tailored roadmap for success.

After conducting an on-site health check with one of our customers in the Chemicals industry, the Deacom team identified tremendous process improvement opportunities from the functionality offered in a newer version of DEACOM. By upgrading their DEACOM environment the customer was also set up to implement Deacom’s Ecommerce platform.

The Ecommerce solution was critical in expanding this company’s market reach and facilitating their aggressive growth strategy. Our detailed process evaluation and suggested improvements allowed this customer to optimize their use of DEACOM to align with their overarching business objectives long term.

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通过 Deacom 的咨询和客户成功计划,确保您拥有实现长期战略目标的清晰途径。



在云端托管和管理您的 DEACOM ERP 环境,让您可以抽身专注于其他业务关键领域。

New Employee Training

New Employee Training

Get new users up to speed on DEACOM ERP with training directly from our team of experts.



Deacom 的支持团队随时为您提供服务,确保您的 ERP 软件价值最大化。