Issue Management

Understanding your priorities and working through those challenges together is our number one goal

Priority Management

We work with our customers to understand their priorities and ensure we are working on them in the order that makes the biggest impact on their business.

Fix the Headaches

Together, we identify and put solutions in place for some of the issues our customers might be experiencing.

Stay Current

When issues need to be fixed, it often requires updating, which keeps the software up-to-date.

Customers should work with Deacom’s in-house, non-contracted Support Team to work through their issues. Our method of tackling the top priority tickets first and moving through the list in iterations has proven to be very effective in quickly solving issues. Whether it is software related or a training issue, we are here to assist you.

Alleviate frustrations with issues that might arise.

Access on-demand training.

Stay in-the-know with a constant feedback loop.

The Support Team was able to help Raining Rose work through their top ten issues that came up after updating to version 15.02. After the priority tickets were defined, we were able to get fixes in place, demonstrate the fixes for them, and then release a build that included all of their resolved issues.

Our Support Team will meet with customers to determine their priority list.

From there we work with our development team to fix top issues first.

As we resolve these challenges, we meet again with the customer to test and verify the fix.

Lastly, a build is delivered for the customer to test and eventually move to production.

This strategy reduces cycle time since issues are verified before a build is delivered.

Issue management is included within the yearly Kaizen fee. There are no additional charges for support or development work related to your issues.


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通过 Deacom 的咨询和客户成功计划,确保您拥有实现长期战略目标的清晰途径。



Deacom 的支持团队随时为您提供服务,确保您的 ERP 软件价值最大化。



了解 DEACOM 的新增功能,刷新您的最佳实践认知,与竞争伙伴协作共赢,并借此机会与我们的产品专家进行一对一交流。



紧跟最新版本的DEACOM ERP,可确保客户能够充分利用最新技术和最新功能。