Business Consulting

Deacom has a breadth of consulting services available for customers to continue adding value at all stages of their ERP lifecycle

ERP Driving Business Decisions

DEACOM is designed to be a tool that drives strategic business decisions, not just serve as a data management platform. Working with Deacom experts to ensure that the optimal processes are in place based on our customers’ specific needs allows this value to be realized.

Streamline Initiatives

Working with our team to take the lead on these efforts ensures that project plans are designed with a holistic view of the customer’s overarching goals.

Cost Savings

Partnering with Deacom’s consulting services team to expedite initiatives leads to savvier end users, better data, and ultimately more time focused on running your business instead of managing your ERP software.

Deacom’s consultants not only have extensive DEACOM ERP knowledge, but also extensive industry knowledge. With that synergy, our team has the foundation and expertise to understand how DEACOM can be applied to meet the changing business requirements of customers. Each consulting engagement is unique, but the Deacom team is fully equipped to understand our customers’ needs, and ultimately deliver a successful project.

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Deacom Consulting

Enhanced user experience

Transfer of knowledge from Deacom experts as it relates to DEACOM ERP and industry expertise

Proactive approach to process improvement

Steps to a successful consulting engagement with our team:

  • Gather specific customer requirements.
  • Develop a plan tailored to the customer’s objectives.
  • Allocate appropriate Deacom resource(s).
  • Dedicated Deacom resource(s) will coordinate a structure for consulting sessions that fits the customer’s schedule.
  • Execute sessions with the customer remotely or on-site.
A food and beverage customer of ours recently hired a new Vice President of Sales who was very interested in leveraging CRM functionality within DEACOM. His goal was to centralize all data within DEACOM and eliminate redundant processes for the sales team. He also wanted to use the mobile application, as their sales folks are rarely all in one place and often on the go.

While this customer could begin using the CRM functionality within their current version of DEACOM, there were significant advancements to the CRM and mobile application in more recent versions of DEACOM that would benefit their organization for the long-term. With all of this in mind, we put together a project plan for this customer, streamlining efforts to upgrade their DEACOM environment, fully roll out CRM functionality and the mobile application, and train end users on both.

By using our consulting services to execute this project, the customer was able to work through these objectives in parallel, and ultimately see the project to completion faster than if they had approached it on their own.

Customers should keep in mind that consulting services projects can look as simple as fine-tuning basic processes and necessary user training, or as extensive as overhauling current processes and implementing significant new functionality. Our team is here to support customers at any and all phases of their use of DEACOM ERP.

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