Asset Tracking

Asset management tools to automate your organization’s tracking of physical assets through every step of the asset life cycle.

Track assets through the entire production process

Produce goods that include a tracked asset

Automate the process of ensuring the serial number of the asset, such as a container, matches the serial number of the containerized finished good.

Issue materials to production jobs that contain a tracked asset

Assets that are marked for unit serialization will require users to select a specific serial number when issuing a tracked asset to a production job.

Finish materials that contain a tracked asset

Enable the production team to use WMS to finish materials on jobs that contain a tracked asset and if necessary, perform QC testing.

Deacom can help you kiss those spreadsheets and bolt-ons goodbye

Manufacturers often face a significant challenge in tracking the location, quantity, maintenance, and depreciation status of their fixed assets. This problem is compounded when manually updated spreadsheets or bolt-on software that relies on separate databases is used to manage those assets.

Deacom’s ERP software includes a built-in asset tracking solution that allows manufacturers and distributors to track assets they own or lease, where those assets are (in production, in inventory, or at customer sites), when assets are check-in or checked-out, when they are due to be returned, when they are scheduled for maintenance, and the cost and depreciation of each of those assets.

Track assets through the entire sales process

Ship sales orders that contain a tracked asset

Create sales orders to sell and ship the tracked assets after being placed into regular inventory.

Reserve a tracked asset to a sales order

Automate the reserving of assets to a sales order that follow specific rules such as requiring lot control, unit serialization, or FIFO methods.

Return tracked assets to inventory

Allow for assets to be removed from customer inventory and the placement of those assets back into regular inventory or in QC testing.

Report on all asset tracking

Run usage reports to show check-ins and check-outs of a particular asset, search by serial number, or view assets by customer location.

Why asset tracking is important to our customers

Foam Supplies uses DEACOM’s asset tracking capabilities to manage its cylinder fleet, gain efficiencies in tracking their locations, understand when they are being returned, and plan for the acquisition of new ones.

Foam Supplies, Inc.

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Facilitate the tracking of all assets with assigned serial numbers and scannable barcodes

Record the value of assets, total debt, and payment amounts

Track depreciation of fixed assets

Report on asset quantities currently available to be used in production

View asset quantities at customer sites

Manage asset certification and refurbishing

Record leased assets per equipment lease provisions

Keep track of warrantied assets, coverage periods, specific conditions, and warranty costs

Track the maintenance of assets including date-based service order creation, scheduling, labor hour tracking, and how it will affect cost and performance

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利用 Deacom 的 WMS 系统,让您的制造和分销操作的功能准确性达到新高度。



下达销售订单,设置独有的定价模式,并创建能够实时反映在 MRP 及报表中的公司间移库流程。



从同一位置集中获得批次生产、人工跟踪、MRO 等信息的完全可见性。