API Integrations

Helping customers fulfill business needs via an automated connection between DEACOM ERP and other services

Deacom API Philosophy

The Deacom approach to APIs will vary greatly from that of traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other enterprise systems. While other ERP vendors require bolt-on integrations with third party systems, DEACOM includes these capabilities out of the box in one system, using a single database. As a result of this design, our integration scope is much smaller than other vendors, and limited to communicating with systems that are firmly outside of our ‘ERP Fence’ (such as credit card authorizations, tax calculation, production automation, etc.) or very specific to your special needs.
Deacom Functional Foundation

With Deacom’s API capabilities, the complexity of integration is reduced and delivers the following benefits:

Take instant advantage of many pre-built integrations (Logistics, Tax, Payments, Currencies, Scales, etc.)

Have one centralized set of business logic available for business transactions and API-integration

Connect services from other external service providers

Save time through automation of data import/export

Have one partner – our API Integrations team – for all integrations

DEACOM provides support for three types of API integrations

Built-In API Integrations

These integrations with third party systems are built into the DEACOM software itself and enabled by configuring system options. DEACOM currently has the following Built-In Integrations:

  • Shipping Rates / Labels
  • Sales Tax
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Foreign Currency Rates
  • Scale Integrations

Customer-Specific API Integrations

Integrations with third party systems that fall outside of the Deacom ERP Fence and where we have decided not to build it into the system, we perform an integration for a fixed cost fee and an increase to the annual Kaizen fee for maintaining the integration long term. Examples of these types of integrations include, but are not limited to: 3PLs, Production Automation Systems like Wonderware, and QC Testing Equipment.

User-Configurable API Integrations

DEACOM contains many tools out of the box that can be used to set up a variety of integrations via a knowledgeable user or with the help of the DEACOM team.

Deacom API Integration

Deacom’s API Integration Team

The Deacom API Integration Team is your single point of contact for all integrations. It is uniquely qualified to connect your third-party software or other solution to DEACOM ERP, simply because we understand how the platform already works for our customers. We also have deep experience in different process integrations, resulting in the most streamlined outcome.

Explore the Needs

The Team will talk with you to discuss your needs and goals with the integration and how they will be completed.

Define the Solution

They will work together with your third-party or existing integration to define how to connect them to DEACOM.

Build and Serve

The API-Integration Team will build the integration or work within existing DEACOM functionality to fulfill those needs and makes sure it works in day-to-day situations.

Built-In API Architecture

The Deacom Built-In APIs take full advantage of all functions of the DEACOM ERP system. All business rules are defined in the Central Business Rules layer. The API is part of that layer and utilizes all functionality provided for a given transaction.

Let’s assume a credit card transaction needs to be performed when checking out of E-Commerce. As an example, the API managing a credit card charge is taking all checks into consideration a standard payment transaction would use. This way there is one payment process regardless of how payment has been done or recognized. Adding new or changing existing functionalities will be done on the Central Business Rules Level and will be immediately available to the built-in APIs.
Deacom API Integration

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